Steelers and Lesbians

In my family, I am a freak.  Not for the obvious reason.  No, the fact that my girlfriend loves football almost compensates for the whole homo thing.  Because I don't really watch it.  I tune in once in awhile.  I know the tune to “Here we go” and I have vivid memories of lunchroom pep […]

Homo-Good News

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

The other night some of my homo-friends were griping that the only “news” on LGBT issues is bad news … discrimination, hatred, conversions, proof that Melissa Hart is gay, etc, etc, etc.  So for all my “glass is half empty” readers …. here is some good news.  Note:  the good is one small nugget in a very […]

Pgh and Gay Movies

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Brokeback Mountain came to town two weeks ago and opened in two (2) theatres — Loews at the Waterfront and The Manor in Squirrel Hill.  That's it. Fast forward and there are homo curious moviegoeers lined up all over this town.  It is playing in NINE theaters.  Hmmm …. Another point of interest … I […]

Correspondent Screw Up

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Last night I accidentally deleted one of my entries.  An entry I thought was witty and insightful.  Something that might entertain the random people who visit this site.  As I watched my words vanish forever from this earth, a curtain of despair enclosed me.  I turned off the PC and went downstairs to sulk in […]

Trib Columnist Condemns Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

I missed this last week.  The Trib's Dimitri Vassilaros opined against the PA legislative attempt to constitutionalize hate and discrimination.   Whenever a judge or legislative body in a state say that homosexuals have the same marriage rights as heterosexuals, it promotes more marriage. Denying gays and lesbians that right is anything but protecting marriage — it's […]

CP's Marty Levine on Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

In the latest City Paper, intrepid homofan Marty Levine takes a brief look at the latest political maneuvers in Harrisburg where homohaters have launched another drive to constitutionalize discrimination.  It boils down to this But as with all debates about gay rights, the issue seems to boil down to conservative fears about the sexuality of […]

Gay Republicans and Santorum Spokesfag

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Homos for Santorum!   per the City Paper's rant feature. You tell 'em Ron Pedersen Jr of North Versailles, PA The biggest traitor of them all is Santorum Apologist and Spokesman, Robert Traynham an openly gay man who also happens to be African-American.  Pay attention because this is what Mr. Traynham has to say about being a […]