Ten Years Later: Attending the First LGBTQ Bloggers & Citizen Journalists National Summit in 2008

Sue Kerr

While I began blogging in December 2005, I believe that a significant milestone in our growth was the weekend Ledcat and I traveled to Washington D.C. for the first LGBTQ Bloggers and Citizens Journalists National Summit. It was December 5-7, 2008. I met a lot of folx there and my mind was awhirl with new […]


She’s not gonna like this, but I feel compelled to tell you something about Maria. She’s one of the founding bloggers at 2 Political Junkies and her blogging career stretches back into the early 2000’s. Soon after I launched this blog in late December 2005, Maria emailed me with lots of positive and encouraging things […]

Thank you for 12 years of blogging opportunities

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Today, December 29, marks our 12th anniversary (blogiversary?) here at Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents. 12 is my favorite number for no particular reason, so I’m excited about this. I had originally thought about about having a real time party at our home, but my boggy uterus  dashed that thought. This blog has been very important to […]

Today, Let’s Celebrate 11 Years of PghLesbian Blogging!

Rick Santorum internship

I’ve pondered how to mark this occasion. Most blogs last 2-3 years, so 11 is numerically impressive. We’ve also started the AMPLIFY project archives which is a new direction for us. Then we had a complete blog redesign this year AND were voted Best Local Blog by the Pittsburgh City Paper. That’s a lot of […]

Top Things I Wish Pittsburgh’s Best Local Blogger Got To Do

Best Local Blogger Pittsburgh

I’ve been savoring my surprise nab of the Best Local Blogger category in the Pittsburgh City Paper’s 2016 ‘Best of Pittsburgh’ awards. By savoring, I mean that I agonized over how much I hated the accompanying photo, missed the award party because of anxiety and have awkwardly inserted the factoid into as many conversations as possible simply because Ledcat dared me to do so. I said it at least 10 times when I was in a blogging panel. Yes, I did use the phrase, “I traffic in the currency of exposure.”

Panel Discussion on History of Political Blogging in #Burghosphere

2016 is the tenth anniversary of the phrase ‘Burghosphere’ which was coined to capture the unique vibe of Pittsburgh’s blogging network. To honor this important moment, we are bringing back the band by inviting some of the political bloggers from that era to have a conversation about the history (& future) of blogging. We also […]

Our New Blog Design!

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

On Monday, we unveiled our brand new site – ta da! 

It has been a six month process in partnership with Avenue Design Studios, a gay owned company here in Pittsburgh. I wanted to highlight #AMPLIFY but maintain a traditional blog format. John from Ave Designs wanted to create a design blending elements of #AMPLIFY with the traditional pghlesbian hallmarks.

We also faced the challenge of converting our first six years of archives from html to wordpress (long story.) Well, John faced that. I just wrung my hands and hoped for the best. Of course, he made it happen.

Untitled by Frances Monaghan aka Ms. Mon

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

No one knows this, but the woman who inspired the character, “Vivian, the Angry Copyreader,” on my blog, Ms. Adventures on the Mon, was Chris Biancheria. She worked at The Pitt News copy desk when I was a writer there, back in the late '80s. And she was gay. She had an extremely dry sense […]

Canary in the Coal Mine by Maria Lupinacci

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

 I can't remember exactly when I started reading Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents but it couldn't have been too long after its inception because I had already added it to 2 Political Junkies' blogroll just a little over three months from its birth. So why did we choose to add a blog that centered on LGBT issues […]

Untitled by Thomas C. Waters

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

It is always exciting to celebrate a bogiversary, and I want to say congratulations to Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents for all the fine work done! I am humbled by the offer to write a guest blog, and I want to write about a topic, I know is of importance to Sue Kerr and add my spin […]