Monthly Reminder About Investing in Our Work

A few readers asked me to post gentle reminders about donations and other opportunities to invest in our work.

You will find the donation links here.

After a winter hiatus of sorts due to surgery, we are gearing up for exciting work in the coming months. This will include a coffee-house tour in the outlying counties for #AMPLIFY, a Q&A series with Democrats challenging imcumbents of both parties for seats in the General Assembly, a few play reviews, a few one-on-one chats with musicians, PRIDE stories, and more.

This week, GLAAD names the winner in the OUTstanding Blog category (Thurs); we are one of five finalists. I like to think we took Pittsburgh blogging closer to a national championship than either the Steelers or Pirates – ahem.

I hope we can count on those of you who have the means to donate. Thank you!